breeder: Stud Lipica

Samira is a classical typed breeding mare with high notes for exterior. She is sired by the famous 596 Maestoso Allegra XXII, a stallion that was also competing in Olimpic games in Los Angeles 1984.  This season she is covered by one of the very good dressage stallions from Stud Lipica 303 Conversano Monteaura XX (Lipica). Her foal is expected in mid of 2016.


  • 623 Siglavy Samira XXVII, roj: 2009
  • 034 Samira XIX, born: 05.06.2016, sold to Austria
  • 152 Samira, born XX: 5.6.2019, sold to Germany
  • 195 Samira XXI, born: 10.06.2020
  • 260 Maestoso Samira XXVII, born: 13.5.2021