breeder and owner: Stud Lipica

Bonadea is a baroque looking breeding mare that originates from World known Stud Lipica. She has a very easy, dear and friendly character and three very beautiful, rhythmical gaits. Bonadea is a half-sister to black-coated black show and breeding sire of Stud Lipica – 331 Conversano Bonadea XXVI


  • 932 Bonadea XXI, born: 2011
  • 931 Bonadea XX, born: 2012
  • 064 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI, born: 31.03.2017, brown coated, sold to Australia
  • 118 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI, born: 24.03.2018
  • 149 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI, born: 19.04.2019
  • in foal to 23 Maestoso Gaetana, foal expected in 2020