682 Bona II, born: 08.05.2009,
heterozygous grey passing on black and brown colour.
M: 16 Bona (ZRLS) sired by 349 Siglavy Drina XXXV (V)
F: 973 Neapolitano Capriola XIV (Lipica)
DNA tested, microchipped, LIF valid origin.

Bona is dear and friendly mare, well behaved, used to all ABC of handling. She knows life in box, lauf stable or herd. She is easy with other horses, easy to catch. Bona has very good body formation and all three beautifull gaits. Her trot is a dream movment, forward going, sholder free, with beautifull suspention, lift and push from behind.

She is fully approved for breeding since 2017 and was best mare presented in Lipica’s evaluations of private horses in 2017.

Training: good A- dressage level going towards L/ M level. Riden bittless, bridel training is not a problem. Easy to load and transport. Big talent for airs above the ground.

Covering service is possible to our sires : 23 Maestoso Gaetana (brown ) or 37 Maestoso Neretva XVI (heterozygous grey) . More on both you can find on our web site www.jjlipizzans.com

PPE check can be done, Worldwide transport organisation is available.

More information: www.jjlipizzans.com, jjlipizzans@gmail.com or Whatsapp: +386 68 180 573.