JJ-Lipizzans breeding and training center

We are breeders of Lipizzaners, rare, but historically significant breed of royal horses.

Founder of this idea and center is me, Jana Jašović Memon. I was put on a horse back in age of two, ever since I am dedicated to them. My first steps were done in riding school in Ljubljana in age of twelve. My training of dressage ridding was continued in ridding club till I bought my first Lipizzaner. He was black stallion bought in Croatia and in 2006 my first breeding mare followed. Ever since I am expanding breeding heard. In 2010 we imported two breeding stallions to Slovenia.

Today center is run by my husband, who is professionally correlated with them, and me. Center has thirteen breeding mares and two approved breeding stallions of Maestoso line. Rest is young stock, all of good validation and high quality.  Mares and stallions are closely selected and are giving us strong foundation for the future.

This idea is possible only thanks to my family and friends.

Visit us, we are looking forward of your questions!

About JJ-Lipizzans Slovenia


Posted on 20. 02. 2018

Category: News

In January two horses have found their new owners and good homes:

  • 063 MAESTOSO BETALKA XXXIX, born: 2017 was sold to the Netherlands
  • 033 Maestoso Galanta , born: 2016 was sold to Ronda, Spain

We wish both owners and horses a lot of happy moments ! Congradulations!


FOALS 2018

Posted on 20. 02. 2018

Category: Foals, News


In 2018 foals:

  • 115 SLAVA IV, born: 12.02.2018 / FOR SALE , filly with very easy, reliable, dear and friendly character.
  • 117 MAESTOSO CAPRIOLA XXXVIII, colt, born: 22.03.2018
  • 116 VALDAMORA X – filly,  born: 17.03.2018 / SOLD TO USA
  • 118 MAESTOSO BONADEA XXXIX, born: 24.03.2018
  • 119 BETALKA XXIX , born: 28.03.2018 / FOR SALE ,strong baroque look, growing high, dear and friendly character, very good movments (marked 8/10 points upon breeding evaluation)
  • 120 MAESTOSO ALLEGRA XXVI – colt, born: 27.04.2018 / FOR SALE , beautifull, baroque look, very good movments and very good easy, people oriented character,…fast learner, easy in all handling.

021 Conversano Betalka XXXIX / sold to USA

Posted on 01. 02. 2018

Category: News


We assisted in sales and shippmet organisation from Slovenia to USA. Conversano Betalka has flown over on 26th of January 2018. We wish him and his new owner good luck and a lot of fun moments together!

Season greetings 2018

Posted on 20. 12. 2017

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064 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI sold to Australia

Posted on 12. 11. 2017

Category: News


064 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI is sold to Australia. Huge congradulations to Phoenix Park Lipizzaner Stud !

His long travel is planed in second half of 2018, till then he will be growing up in herd of colts at our center. Update on his advanture will follow!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LXzWCU5KXc

Breeding evaluations 2017

Posted on 09. 11. 2017

Category: News

Breeding evaluations took place in our stable. We are proud on breeding results as C.Wera is one of the best foals born in 2017.

066 Conversano Wera XXII, roj: 05/2017  – 38 points ( 8 8 8 6 8)

065 Maestoso Trompeta XLVI , roj: 04/2017 – 32 points (6 6 7 6 7)

064 Maestoso Bonadea XXXVI , roj: 04/2017 – 35 points (7 7 7 6 8)

063 Maestoso Betalka XXXIX , roj: 03/2017 – 33 points ( 7 7 7 6 6 )

062 Trofetta VI, roj: 03/2017 – 30 points ( 6 6 6 6 6 )

Interview on our Breeding center / Radio Koper

Posted on 10. 04. 2017

Category: News

Kindly invited to listening of presentation of our Breeding center on Radio Koper.



Posted on 22. 02. 2017

Category: News


032 MAESTOSO TROMPETA XLVI  has started his long travel to USA !


Foals 2017

Posted on 19. 02. 2017

Category: Foals, News

Following combinations in breeding from these season. Some of the foals will be offered for sale.

More on our mares and stallions you can find on our web site

More information available: jjlipizzans@gmail.com

Season greetings 2017

Posted on 19. 12. 2016

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