Breeding station

Breeding season starts on 1st of February and ends on 31st of August.

We accept only fully healthy mares to the breeding station.

Each mare must be examined before covering and results of laboratory tests must be negative for:

  • EIA (Anemia infectioza eporum –  Coggins test).
  • Mares without foals at foot must have undergone cervical swab with result for CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis), which has to be negative before covering. Resault is valid for the entire breeding season.
  • All labolatory test must be entered into ID document
  • The owner of the mare must submit a photocopy of ID document for stallion holder’s achive.

 Boarding fee:

  • mares without foals 8 EUR per day (VAT ex-)
  • mares with foals at foot 10 EUR (VAT ex-)                                       

All veterinary costs are borne by the owner of the mare .

Vetrinary care: In case of emergency veterianry assistance for the  mare and the foal is cared by in house veterianrian on duty or veterinarian staff of Veterinary faculty, Clinic for Horses, Ljubljana. Before any veterinary procedure the stallion holder is obligated to inform the owner with a phone call.  


The stable guarantees the best possible care for the mare and her foal. Stallion owner / holder and its staff does not take any responsibility for possible death, injuries or damage caused for any reason on the supplied mare and foal. The stallion owner / holder and other staff are also not liable for any injuries caused during the covering service of the mare or any damage caused by the breeding stallion at the time between covering service or immediately after it.

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