Evaluation document

Born: 12.2.1998,

breeder: Stud Piber

Body measures: 160 / 151, 158, 20,5

Exterior: … Masculine stallion with natural rising. Very good type, beautiful head, well inserted neck, laid back shoulders, deep chest, well developed withers, long croup. His legs are good from the side but slightly narrow in front. Relaxed energetic and balanced walk. Shoulder free rhythmical trot. Could have a bit better push from the hind legs. Maestoso Romida did a solid test consisted of a driven dressage test, a 15 km country road driven test and a gait test. Romida is also trained under sadle till LA level. He has participated in an educational film in long rains (Anders Eriksson). Breeding results on validation mares and foals 2010 in Sweden.

  • Foal champion (born 2010)
  • In class of mares; his offsprings got 01st and 02nd place and title “Breeding diplomats”
  • Best youngster (between age 1-4)

Validation in Stud Lipica, Slovenia:

  • Best filly born 2012
  • On of the best male foals born 2012

Maestoso Romida is signed into Stallion book I. Offsprings:

  • 851 Maestoso Capra VI, born: 29.03.2012, sold to Germany
  • 852 Capra XXVIII, born: 11.05.2012
  • 888 Monteaura XXXII, 24.03.2012, sold to Germany
  • 866 Slavina IX, born: 07.05.2012
  • 845 Allegra XXIX, born: 05.04.2012, integrated into our breeding herd
  • 850 Marstoso Barbana III, born: 31.03.2012, sold to Switzerland
  • 840 Maestoso Thais I, born: 15.04. 2012
  • 844 Trofetta III, born: 14.03.2012
  • 913 Trofetta IV, born: 07.05.2013
  • 908 Barbana XIII, born: 17.04.2013, sold in Slovenia
  • 912 Allegra XXXII, born: 16.04.2013 , sold to Canada
  • 904 Thais XI, born: 02.07.2013
  • 914 Maestoso Betalka XXXIX, born: 20.06.2013, sold to Austria

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