022 CONVERSANO THAIS IV, born: 09/05/2016, 163 cm in withers

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Thais is a dear and friendly gelding with an easy, laid-back character. He is energetic and eager to move and work, but very people orientated, loves to please and interact. He possesses all qualities that one hard-working horse should have. As a young horse he has grown up in a herd of stallions, he was gelded at the age of two years and had no stallion behavior. Currently, he is standing in box/paddock system.

Training: used to all basic handling, showers, loading, riding training started two months ago, now longed, under saddle accepting walk and trot, further training is required.

He is healthy, never injured, regularly trimmed, protected against parasites. PPE upon sales is possible. Assisting in the transport organization Worldwide is possible.

More information: + 38668180573 (also Viber or Whatsapp), www.jjlipizzans.com or jjlipizzans@gmail.com