For sale is offered 998 Gaetana XXXVIII (alias Kitty), born: 23.04.2015, colour: brown , breed: Lipizzaner , hight: 154 cm withers (stick) 
M: 548 Gaetana XIX (ZRLS) sired by 859 Neapolitano Allegra XXVI (Lipica)
F: 213 Favory Trompeta XXXV (Lipica)
DNA tested, registry: ZRLS, microciped, LIF valid origin

Kitty is dear and friendly mare, with people orientated character. A bit more temperamental (6/10 on scale). She likes attentions and follows arround like a dog, real great bond to her human and great potential for any free style work.

She is easy on all handlling in the stable and is really learning fast. Kitty is used to spending summer days 24/7 in the herd, now night time in box and paddock during the day. She has no conflict to other horses and is not dominant in the herd.

Her exterier is very correct, exterier, short body formation, beautifull, noble head with strait profile and very attentive Lipizzaner look. Her legs are correct, she has three very expressed gaits. Her trot has good suspention, lift and puch from behind.

PPE is possible, transport organisation Worldwide is available.
Video on request.

More information: jjlipizzans@gmail.com, www.jjlipizzans.com, Whatsapp: +38668180573